Plastics using Autodesk Moldflow, Sheet Metal/BIW using Hyperform/Ls-Dyna , Casting Analysis using ProCAST


Rheomold offers wide range of Manufacturing Simulation Services. In today’s market customers are looking for low cost to proto and High accuracy in production. To resolve this more customers are now focusing on simulation-based studies that help them to understand the core performance of their product during manufacturing by various methods of simulations. Rheomold support such Customer’s by taking Complete Responsibility in what we do.

    Mold-flow Simulation
    • Best Gate, Fill, Pack, Cool & Warpage Analysis
    • Plastic Filling, Weld lines, Air traps, Blow holes & Sink mark prediction
    • Shrinkage analysis, Molding Window
    • Over molding, Insert molding, Core deflection
    • 2k molding analysis
    • Gas Assisted Molding Analysis (GAIM)
    • MuCell Molding Analysis
    • Thin Wall Molding Analysis for Part Weight Saving
    Casting Analysis
    • Low Pressure Die Casting Simulation
    • High Pressure Die Casting Simulation
    • Sand Casting Analysis
    • Investment Casting Analysis
    • Flow Analysis, Solidification, Stress Analysis.
    • Flow Analysis: Metal Velocity, Temperature Distribution & Air entrapment
    • Solidification Analysis:  Shrinkage & Porosity Prediction
    • Stress Analysis:  Residual Stress & Distortion Analysis.
    Forming Analysis/Simulation
    • One step analysis
    • Incremental analysis.
    • Blank Development, Formability Analysis.
    • Part cost estimation
    • Predict Thinning, Wrinkles, Formability Limit Diagram (FLD)
    • Process optimization, Deep Drawing & Spring Back Prediction.
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