Rheomold team have very good experience in Tool Design & Development, Lifting equipment and material handling for industries like Manufacturing, Process Industries, Power Plants, Shipping, Oil & Gas industry.

    Tool Design, Development & Manufacturing

    Plastics : Mold Design & Development (Including Mold Manufacturing, Part tryouts & Approval process)

    BIW : Stage, Progressive dies & Forming tools Design & Development (Including Manufacturing, Part tryouts & Approval process)

    Casting : Die Design & Development (Including Die Manufacturing, Part tryouts & Approval process)

    Fixture Design, Development, Manufacturing & Testing
    • Vibration Fixtures
    • Checking Fixtures (Gap & Flush)
    • Adjusting Fixtures
    • Welding Fixture
    • Display Fixtures for Product Display in Office/Plant & Exhibitions
    Rheomold takes complete responsibility from ‘Initial’ to ‘Final Trial Phase’
    • Initial Phase : DFM Report, Gate Selection & Quote Approval process
    • Detailted Phase : Detailted mold design, Moldflow analysis including gating & cooling optimization.
    • Manufacturing Phase : Mold design release & monitor manufacturing progress
    • Trial & Approval Phase : T0 & T1 trial. Part approval process
    3D Part
    Mold Design
    T1 sample
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