Rheomold is a leading Material Handling systems Integrators- providing a complete turnkey solution. Right from Scratch to Design, Validation, Manufacturing to Final Commissioning.

We provide specialised and customized solutions to our customers using latest technologies alongside the existing technologies to amalgamate the newer systems without hindering the existing systems.

    Domain Expertise Includes

    1. New product integrators in existing production Lines.
    2. Overhead Conveyor Trolleys
    3. Ground Conveyor Pallets
    4. Material Movers (Trolleys/Pallets)
    5. Conveyor ancillaries (Skids/Hangers-C-Hangers/WBS Hangers/PBS Hangers/UBS Hanger)
    6. Jigs and Fixtures.
    7. Welding Fixtures
    8. Checking & Inspection Fixtures
    9. Gap & Flush Fixtures
    10. Lifting Tackles
    11. Maintenance activities at OEMs. For Fixtures/Conveyors.
    12. Spare parts suppliers for All types of Conveyor Systems.

    Conveyor Systems and Supply

    1. Gravity Conveyors
    2. Power & Free Conveyors
    3. Electrifies Monorail Systems (EMS)
    4. Roller Conveyors
    5. Slat Conveyors
    6. Cross body transfer cars
    7. Roller Cars
    8. Sub Lifters
    9. VDLs ( Vertical Drop Lifts)
    10. Scissors Lifts and so on

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